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Trader, Caterer and Exhibitor Specific Information

Completing Appropriate Entry/Application Form

Completion of the appropriate entry/application form and acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this document booklet constitutes a contract.  Traders/exhibitors who do not comply with these terms and conditions may not be accepted in future years.  It is a requirement of the company’s insurers that you return the entry/application form fully complete and signed to the Show Office or online at our web site.

1. Application for Trade/Catering Space / Entering an Exhibit

1.1 All applications for trade/catering & exhibiting at the show must be submitted on the appropriate form or via the web site.

1.2 Entries/applications will close as per the deadlines specified in this booking and on your form.

1.3 All Traders/Caterers & Exhibitors whose entries are accepted will be sent passes and final instructions by mid June.

1.4 Passes will not be sent unless a signed entry/application form (and the correct rent for trade/catering stands) have been received.

1.5 The Trader/Caterer agrees to pay the Organiser the sum agreed on the application form by the way of rent for the stall for the duration of the event.

1.6 The Organiser permits the Trader/Caterer to run a stall for the duration of the Event subject to the conditions contained on the form and in this document.

1.7 No variation of these Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing between authorised representatives of the Organiser and Trader/Caterer & Exhibitor.

1.8 Only catering units/stands that are licensed to do so may supply late night refreshments (not food or hot drink) after 11pm.  All catering unit/stands that have been licensed for late night refreshments must be closed by 2am (or by 1.30am on any pre show days).  All licenses for licensed activities on site are applied for by the Military World Show.

2. Description of Goods/Wares for Sale

The Trade Stand/Catering Stand application form must contain an accurate description of goods to be sold of exhibited.

3. Trade & Catering Stand Allocation / Exhibit Positioning

The positioning of Trade/Catering Stands and exhibits will be entirely at the discretion of the event organisers.

4. Trade & Catering Stand Boundaries

4.1 The Trader/Caterer must not use any part of the showground outside the boundary of their stand.  (The Trader is reminded to include enough space in their application to accommodate tow bars, caravans and vehicles as per fire safety legislation).

4.2 All goods and materials must be within the allotted space of the trade stand.  This condition prohibits the placing of display or advertising in front of the stand/tent line.  Traders wishing to place goods in front of their stand/tent must set the stand / tent back from the stand line.

4.3 All trade stand and “gazebo” type structures etc. must be adequately secured to the ground.

4.4 Under no circumstances should any Traders or Caterers vehicles be parked in any road ways during the day or overnight.

4.5 Vehicle movement is not allowed in the trade area on show days between 9am and 6pm.

5. Waste Collection & Recycling – Trade & Catering Stands / Exhibits

5.1 Traders/Caterers & Exhibitors are required to clear all rubbish from their stands/exhibits each day and put out for collection by the organisers each morning.  On the last day of the event a pile of rubbish should be neatly stacked, and this should contain only rubbish produced as a by-product of your sales/stay at the Event.

5.2 The support of all exhibitors and traders is required to help make sure that the area around their trade stand or exhibit is kept clean and free from litter.

5.3 Waste must not be stored in the pedestrian emergency escape routes to the rear and side of Trade and Catering Stands.

5.4 Waste must not be stored in the road ways through the Trade areas, as these road ways form part of the event’s emergency routes.

5.5 Please use the bins provided for all light waste, if you have any need to dispose of any other item please speak to a member of our waste disposal team or litter pickers.

5.6 Only waste generated at the Show will be collected by our team.  No ‘outside’ waste or ‘outside’ stand stock or structure will be accepted.  Leaving this excess waste will jeopardise your chance to return to the show in future.

6. Trade & Catering Name

The trader/caterer must provide a clear sign bearing its name or trading name as entered on the application form.  It must be erected in such a day that it does not overshadow adjoining or neighbouring Trade Stands.

7. Risk Assessments

7.1 In accordance with Health and Safety Legislation all Traders/Caterers & Exhibitors are required to undertake a risk assessment (including a fire risk assessment) of their stand/exhibit and undertake that everyone working or helping with the stand/exhibit has seen the risk assessment, and is also properly trained, qualified and insured to work the stand/exhibit, and with any gas/electrical appliances or other equipment.

7.2 All accidents and incidents must be reported to the Health and Safety team on site.

8. Access to the Showground

8.1 The Showground is situated at: Abingdon Airfield, Barrow Road, Shipon, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6JQ

8.2 Pre-Show Access to Traders – Traders will be permitted to gain access to the showground to set up from 8am on 14th July until 8pm on 17th July.

8.3 Show Day Access to Traders – Traders will be permitted to gain access to the showground on show days from 18th July to 22nd July between 7am & 9am and 6pm & 9pm.

8.4 Re-Entry Access to Traders – Traders will be permitted to re-enter the showground from 22nd July to 23rd July between 6am and 11pm with a valid re-entry pass.  On show days, re-entry will be between 6am & 9am and 6pm &11pm with a valid re-entry pass.

8.5 Pre-Show Access to Caterers & Exhibitors – Caterers & Exhibitors will b permitted to gain access to the showground to set up from 8am on 14th July until 8pm on 17th July.

8.6 Show Day Access to Caterers & Exhibitors – Caterers & Exhibitors will be permitted to gain access to the showground on show days between 7am & 10am and 5pm & 9pm.

8.7 Re-Entry Access to Caterers & Exhibitors – Caterers & Exhibitors will be permitted to re-enter the showground from 14th July to 17th July between 6am & 11pm with a valid re-entry pass.  On show day’s re-entry will be between 6am & 10am and 5pm & 11pm with a valid re-entry pass.

8.8 In exceptional circumstances Traders, Caterers and Exhibitors may be granted earlier access by prior arrangement with the show Organiser.

8.9 All Traders & Exhibitors must use the Exhibitors entrance to access the showground and then follow the signs to their designated areas.

8.10 Stands must be open and exhibitors on show to the public from 10am – 5pm on show days.  Any exhibitor/trader in breach of this rule will risk being omitted from future shows.

8.11 Please be aware that Military World Show are working with the Police to provide a safe and secure event for the whole family.  Additional security measures, enhanced CCTV and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reading) technology will be in place this year.  Information from these systems will routinely be made available to the Police.

9. Refusal of Entry/Application

The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry/application for exhibit/trade/catering stand space at its discretion without giving reasons.  In the event of refusal the organisers will not enter into correspondence on the subject.

10. Withdrawal or Cancellation by the Trader / Caterer

Where the Trader/Caterer withdraws from the show or cancels the trade/catering stand, all trader/caterer rents shall be forfeited and all trader/caterer rents will become due and the Organisers reserves the right to re-let the trade/catering stand without refund to the trader/caterer.

11. Sub-letting

The Trader/Caterer shall not sub-let any part of the trade/catering stand or move to another area of the showground to trade.

12. Official Organisations

Traders/Caterers & Exhibitors are required to cooperate fully with the Organisers, Security, Emergency Services, Event Safety Team and all official organisations on site.  Organisations such as (but not limited to) Environmental Health Officers, Fire Officers, Customs and Excise Staff and the Environment Agency, Trading Stands Officers and Inland Revenue Staff.

13. Re-Entry to the Showground

All Traders, Caterers and Exhibitors leaving the showground will be required to present a valid wristband to gain re-entry to the showground, without a valid wristband re-entry will not be possible.

14. Deliveries to Trade & Catering Stands

14.1 During the show drivers and vehicles with supplies and commercial couriers for the Trader/Caterer will only be permitted on to the showground between the time periods of 7am & 9am and 6pm & 9pm.  Any delivery that arrives outside of these hours must be pre-arranged with the Trade Stand Stewards.  Deliveries not pre-booked will be turned away until the appropriate hours.

14.2 Traders/Caterers & Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for collection of deliveries etc...

15. Trade Stand Parking

All vehicles must be on site by 10am (with no vehicle movement in the Trade Area from 9am) or they will be required to park in the Trader’s Car Park

16. Trader’s Car Park

The trader’s car park will be located as close to the trade stand area as possible.  All trade support vehicles must be parked in this area and must not be moved during the vehicle curfew hours.

17. Lorry Parking

All Low-loaders and Lorries should use the low loader & exhibitors car parks.

18. Exhibitor Parking / Car Park

18.1 All exhibitors are reminded that only exhibits should be on display in public areas.  All other vehicles must be parked in the support vehicle car park during show hours.

18.2 Please note that Emergency Exits and Escape need to be kept clear at all times..  

18.3 Exhibitors who park in the show during show hours will be asked to move their non-exhibited vehicle to the support vehicle car park.

19. Leaflets, Stickers & Political Propaganda

The Trader is only allowed to distribute leaflets, stickers etc from within the boundary of their trade stand.  The traders must not distribute “political propaganda” of any type, trade stand or part of the Showground under any circumstances whatsoever.  The organisers will determine what is considered “political propaganda” any may confiscate such “political propaganda” and or/remove the trader or his show staff from the showground.

20. Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement action will be taken if vehicles are parked causing an obstruction.  Vehicles that are causing an obstruction will be towed away and the owner will be liable for the cost.

21. Public Car Parks

The car parks are open daily on show days and will close at 11pm each evening.  No vehicles are allowed to be parked in the public car parks overnight.

22. Overnight Exhibitor, Trader & Caterer Parking

Overnight parking is also available, however no emergency roads, or access points should be blocked at any time.

23. Camping

23.1 Traders/Caterers will be permitted to camp on their pitch if sufficient space has been booked.  Other personnel may only camp in the relevant campsite.

23.2 The vehicle pass you are issued with will state which camping area you have been selected to camp in.  If you camp in the incorrect field you will be asked to move.

23.3 Campsite officials will show you where to setup.  Please make sure you have seen an official before you set your caravan / tent up.  Please make sure you are correctly spaced in accordance with the fire regulations or you make be asked to move.

23.4 For safety reasons, do not obstruct the avenues between the caravans at any time.

23.5 We do not allow space in the campsites to be reserved, if you are wishing to camp next to someone please speak to a campsite official.

23.6 No charcoal barbeques are allowed on-site, any charcoal barbeques seen will be extinguished by the on-site fire service or security.  Elevated Gas fired barbeques are permitted.

23.7 In no circumstances must rubbish be stacked against caravans or tents.

23.8 Please make sure that after 11pm all noise is kept to a minimum

24. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

24.1 The following procedures and regulations must be followed if LPG gas is to be used.

24.2 All installations must comply with the Gas Safety (installation & Use) Regulations 1998

24.3 All of the relevant Codes of Practice and User as complied by the UK LPG

24.4 The requirements set out by the Gas Safe Register

24.5 The HELA Document (Health & Safety Executive / Local Authorities Enforcement Liaison Committee) Mobile Catering / Fire explosion.

24.6 The Military World Show representatives have the right to inspect any gas installation appliance or equipment.

24.7 Suitable notices must be attached with LPG installation including Catering Units.

24.8 Pictorial Signs must confirm to the Safety (Signs & Signal) Regulations and consist of a red Hazard diamond showing flame and the wording “Extremely Flammable”, and a No Smoking and a No Naked Flame sign must be displayed.

24.9 All LPG cylinders must be stored and secured in an upright position where they cannot be struck by a passing vehicle and as far as is reasonably practicable should not be left unattended.

24.10 A suitably qualified and competent engineer, who is a member of the Gas Safe Register, must carry out all work on LPG installations and copies of all certificates must be provided to the Organiser on request.

24.11 Adequate fire extinguishers must be provided at every location where LPG cylinders are used and personnel should be trained in how to use them.

24.12 Clear access must be maintained at all times for the ingress of Emergency Vehicles.

24.13 All catering Units/Stands entering the site are liable to have their vehicles/trailer/unit searched to check the number of LPG Cylinders being brought onto site.

25. Electrical Safety

Traders/Caterers & Exhibitors must ensure that all their plant and equipment is tested in accordance with the IEE Wiring Regulations, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, the Code of Practice for the creation and operation of Temporary Electrical Systems for Entertainment and Related Purposes (where appropriate).  All certificates must be current and valid for the duration of the event.

26. Advertisements

26.1 Traders/Caterers or Exhibitors and staff are not permitted to:

26.2 Affix any placard or advertisement to any part of the Showground unless permission to do so has been obtained from the Organisers.

26.3 Canvass Show Visitors or to distribute or display advertisements except on his/her own trade stand behind the boundary.

26.4 Advertising by means of aircraft, loudspeakers, captive balloons, blimps, leaflets, trailing banners over or in the immediate vicinity of the Showground, Campsites or public car parks.

27. Insurance

27.1 Trade Stands & Catering

27.1.1. The Trader undertakes that the trade stand will be covered by public liability insurance for not less than £2,000,000.  Caterers must have no less than £5,000,000 public liability insurance whilst the stand/unit is on the showground.

27.1.2. The Trader/Caterer agrees to produce the policy or certificate evidencing public liability insurance for inspection at any time on request of the organiser.

27.2. Insurance – Exhibits

27.2.1. The Exhibitor undertakes that if the exhibit is motorised and self-propelled it must be compliant with the Road Traffic Act (RTA) for Insurance and licensing Purposes, and carry the minimum third party insurance as required by the Road Traffic Act.

27.2.2. The Exhibitor undertakes that if the exhibit is not self propelled it will be covered by public liability insurance for not less than £2,000,000 whilst on site.  Please Note: Any horticultural pedestrian controlled, hand steered self propelled machines do not require RTA cover and will require public liability insurance.  However ride on horticultural machines will still require RTA cover.

27.2.3. The Exhibitor agrees to produce the policy or certificate evidencing RTA or public liability insurance, as appropriate, for inspection at any time on request by the organiser.

27.2.4. Where gas/electrical appliances/equipment are being operated or used for the benefit of the Public or are in the Public domain then Electrical Plant and Equipment must be tested in accordance with IEE regulations.  LPG installations and appliances must be tested to current standard and hold a current certificate.  The exhibitor must provide sufficient portable fire extinguishers to cover the exhibit and camping area.  Extinguishers must be selected and maintained in accordance with BS 5306 part 3.

28. Insurance – Fairground Equipment (Showmen’s Guild Members)

The owner/operator undertakes that the ride or stall etc... Will be covered by public liability insurance of not less than £1,000,000 whilst on site and as a guild member also has the benefit of an excess cover of £9,000,000

29. Insurance – Fairground Equipment (non-Showmen’s Guild members)

The owner/operator undertakes that public liability insurance will be in place with cover of £5,000,000 for large rides and £2,000,000 for small rides, juveniles and side ground etc… whilst on site.

30. Compliance

30.1. The Trader/Caterer & Exhibitor agrees to comply with any other Safety requirement and allow inspections as deemed appropriate by the organiser or nominated agent, at any time whilst on the event site.

30.2. The Trader/Caterer & Exhibitor agrees at all time whilst on the show ground to comply with the conditions and the reasonable requirements of any official.

30.3. The Organisers have the power to order the removal of any exhibit/articles from the show ground, or to close the stand of any Trader/Caterer who does not confirm to the Terms and Conditions laid out in this document.  If the information given on the entry/application form as to the nature of the exhibit/stand is found not to be correct then the Organisers shall have the power to order he removal of the stand or exhibit from the show ground with all fees being forfeited.  Any Trader/Caterer & Exhibitor found with a prohibited item or any objects which create obnoxious smells or disturbing noises will be immediately ordered from the show ground.

31. Law

31.1. This contract shall be governed by the Laws of England.

31.2. Military World Show is operated by Military World whose Registered address is at Sussex House, South Coast Road, Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 8JJ